My thoughts have been bubbling furiously thinking about this whole ‘marijuana and drugs’ topic considering it’s picking up a lot of hype between the controversial proposal to legalize marijuana in the United States and/or the individual States themselves and the growing number of reports of drug users. Now, by ‘drugs’, I mean hard drugs particularly - pills, cocaine, amphetamines, heroin, etc. My position on hard drugs is a bit biased, I’ve been friends with people that’ve become frequent drug abusers and I’ve seen heroin, Roxie’s & other pills, and other synthetic drugs take a hold of people’s lives for the worst.
However, this is not to be confused for the disgusting amount of propaganda circulating as ‘journalism’. As one may recall, the ‘Miami Zombie’ sparked a lot of controversy with bath salts, a drug that the suspect was allegedly abusing. Toxicology reports would have taken days, but this inference was made at the scene, with no way to actually tell what may have sparked that ‘zombie-like behavior’. What has that to do with anything? For some reason or another it’s on society’s agenda to shun and shame every mind altering substance and its users (aside from, you know, caffeine and other like drugs). It seems as if news has died and we’re still all eating right out of the palms of the corporations that claim to report news. ‘Man killed, suspect shot and killed’ turned into ‘Man killed, PROBABLY because he was taking a lot of drugs and that was probably because he smoked marijuana.’ - at which point the article stems more into drugs and ‘studies’ of said drugs instead of the murder itself.
But to classify marijuana as a drug? That’s like saying beer is a drug or poppy seeds is a drug. Beer contains a drug - a depressant - called alcohol, poppy seeds contain opiates - more drugs, and marijuana contains THC, the actual drug effecting you when cannabis is consumed. Funny thing is, we don’t know as much as you’re told we know about marijuana and THC. THC, or delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol, has been identified as the main reason you feel a high from cannabis, but there’s also a slew of 60-some-odd other chemical ingredients that we hardly know a thing about when it comes to how they react together. They could just be why AIDS & cancer patients benefit from marijuana. Why isn’t anyone reporting that? Why are all the main ‘news’ companies so concerned with telling us marijuana is bad instead of telling us what it is first and letting us develop our own opinions?
The claim that marijuana is a gateway drug is preposterous, it wasn’t the first ‘drug’ you’ve used and it wasn’t your last (not personal, Shannon, since I know this is written under your picture, this is just in general) - so what? Why was caffeine not the gateway drug that led you to try smoking cannabis? Why wasn’t alcohol the gateway? Those medications that the doctor prescribed? Truth is, it CAN be a gateway, but so can anything else. For someone that may have tried cocaine before marijuana, cocaine would be the gateway. Marijuana as a gateway to harder drugs is just more propaganda, especially when being a ‘gateway’ is the only negative attribute they use for cannabis and there’s a heap of other negative attributes that come following for the drugs that marijuana supposedly leads to.
You smoked, then you may have tried pills or other narcotics, but that does not make marijuana at fault. If pills/cocaine caused your addiction, they’re to blame, not marijuana.
There’s a cornucopia of reasons that people abuse drugs, including depression, traumatic experiences, or just because it’s something recreational for the user (which is something I do not condone, to be clear), but because they started smoking weed is not a reason that someone abuses drugs. That, friends, is the propaganda being sold to you as journalism.
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